Feng shui consulting

We offer Feng Shui consulting to all clients, either those who are in the process of buying a property or those who want counselling to improve the quality of life in an existing property. On the basis of the location and environment, then the floor plan of the property and the date of birth of all tenants, calculations are made to determine the convenience of the property for the tenants and the possibility of correction. It determines the favorable sleeping areas, direction and position of the bed placement, direction and position of the desk setting, it is advised how to align other furniture positions within the premises in order to achieve the flow of energy and life harmony within the same and the prosperity of its occupants. If the premises are already defined and there is no possibility of change, it is advised to carry out possible corrections or possible sale of the property if it is truly unfavourable to the tenants. This is a really rare situation because there are almost always corrections that can be made and allow tenants a quality life in their property.

The prices of Feng shui consulting depend on many elements therefore are formed individually, on request. Important information is: where the property is located, how many tenants there are, how many squares and rooms it contains, and whether you own a floor plan or want us to make it by measuring it on the ground. Prices of Feng shui counselling starts from 1500 kn to more.