360 virtual tours

The technology of 360 virtual tours allows potential buyers to walk virtually through the property, to peek into every corner of the space, without the need for a physical tour of the property. For real estate from our offer we make virtual tours for the purpose of presentation of real estate to buyers.

Making 360 virtual tours, as well as 2D/3D floor plans, is a service we offer to all citizens and legal entities. Therefore, it is not necessary that it is the buyer or seller of the property from our offer. The service of making 360 virtual tours around the property can be ordered by anyone, and the price depends on a multitude of elements (property size, number of rooms, location...) so we form it on an individual inquiry. The cost of making virtual tour starts from 1500 kn to more.

The most common reason for making 360 virtual tours around the property is the online presentation of the property when selling the same or renting to tourists and presentation of business premises. The most common clients of 360 virtual tours are private renters of apartments and rooms, business/craft or business premises owners and sellers of real estate.