Through detailed analysis of documentation and quality presentation of real estate from the offer, we significantly save our clients time, offer certainty and reliability in business relationship.

We would like to tell our clients that we take great care of them and their time, taking on the jobs and responsibilities that would otherwise be exposed to clients in the process of independently purchasing the property. All those who have gone through this kind of work at least once know how much time and energy they need to invest to sell or buy the right property. The adage says, "Time is money!", but not only that, once the time has passed, can no longer be returned, so make the most of your time and let our experts work for you and help you solve such serious professional endeavors.

If you are a seller of the property and sell it independently, plan that at the time of sale you have a large number of arrivals and visits to the property by potential buyers, which requires that the property be beautifully decorated each time, and you need to be available to buyers for all their questions.

If you decide to sell the property through our Agency, after concluding the Brokerage Agreement with the Agency and after presentation of the existing documentation of the property, you will receive information about possible irregularities in the documentation necessary to determine the legality of the property, and any instructions on how it can be fixed. You will get information from the Agency about the movement of the achieved sales prices of similar properties on nearby microlocations because they are in many cases different from the sales prices advertised on the portals.

If the property has irregularities whose resolution the seller wishes to leave to the buyer, then the sale price is reduced according to the estimated future costs that the buyer would have in terms of resolving the irregularities.
When the sale price is agreed and the documentation review is agreed, the Agency will suggest to seller how to prepare the property for photography and filming. The action for the presentation of the property is very important.
For each of our clients we do photography for free and make 360 virtual walks (for our base). Virtual walks serve us to present real estate to buyers in the office instead of looking at each physical, which significantly reduces the number of tours of the property, saves time and money to sellers and buyers.
After detailed processing of photos and documentation, we approach the publication of the property on the internet. We start by posting on our own website, then on free and tolling domestic and foreign advertisements. The selection of advertisements and advertising costs are borne by the Agency, making the seller a significant saving of money.
In agreement with the seller, the Agency is obliged to bring the interested buyer on a tour of the property. If an agreement is reached on the price and other conditions, the realization of the legal business of the purchase is approached. The Agency offers legal certainty in terms of drafting a purchase agreement by lawyers. The entire purchase process is monitored by the Agency, from the payment of the caper to the conclusion of the purchase contract and the payment of the final price and registration of ownership. Upon registration of the new owner, the Agency will transfer the director in the customer's name if the clients have the power to transfer the director.

If you are a property buyer and have not hired the Agency then you have a large number of searches of real estate on the internet, tours of potential real estate, determination of legality, ownership relationships, consultation with lawyers, negotiations with the owners, paperwork, certification procedures, registration, transfer of overheads, etc. All this can cause a lot of stress and a significant waste of time. You can leave these demanding jobs with complete confidence to our Agency.

For property buyers we do an analysis of needs and desires, select properties from our own base and search the databases of other associates for presentation to the buyer. For real estate from our own base we allow you to view the same from the office, through modern technology of virtual walks. Then if the buyer is interested in a particular property, we agree with the seller a tour of the same. We conduct additional verification of the documents of the property and advise buyers and negotiate the terms of the purchase and provide support throughout the process of realization of mediated legal work.

Since we are located in the municipality of Fažana, our special specialty is real estate from the area of Fažana (real estate Fažana, apartments Fažana, apartments for sale Fažana, houses Fažana, land Fažana).